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Signature's Nationwide Auto Club
Benefits Auto & Maintenance
Why go it alone? You can have 24-hour roadside help across the United States and Canada in practically any car. On the expressway or in your driveway . . . in any eligible private, non-commercial car that you own, lease, rent, or borrow . . . if you need help, we'll be there.

In addition, your Signature's Nationwide Auto Club membership will help you with Trip Plan® customized maps and directions, auto related legal services, and much more! You won't incur any out-of-pocket expenses for services covered under your membership.

    Standard Premier  
Roadside Assistance
  Road and Towing Service   5 miles   100 miles  
  Lockout Service      
  Lost Key Return Service      
  Ambulance Service Reimbursement   $75   $100  
  Road and Tow Reimbursement   $80   $130  
  Lockout Service Reimbursement   $100   $150  
Travel Benefits and Services
  Emergency Travel Expense   $1000   $1500  
  Trip Plan Routing Service      
  Travel Service      
  Hotel and Motel Discounts      
  Car Rental Discounts      
  Truck Rental Discounts      
  Travel Weather Information      
  Travel Information Service Hotline      
Legal Benefits and Services
  Legal Defense      
  Guaranteed Arrest Bond      
  Auto Theft Deterrent Award      
  Hit and Run Deterrent Award      
  Legal Action Against Uninsured Motorist      
  New Car Warranty Enforcement      

As a Signature's Nationwide Auto Club member, you have access to a wide range of benefits and services. Click on a link below for details. (Some benefits may vary. Please consult your Membership Handbook to verify actual coverage)

View, download, or print! Whether for your records, to keep in your car, or take on a trip, PDF version of the information contained in your Membership Handbook is available - you choose.

Standard Benefits Premier Benefits
PDF Version* PDF Version*
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